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andhertearsflowedlikewine asked:

I'm all for roleplay and you must have to deal with lots of distractions on set, but what was it like being fucked by a guy in a 'big bad wolf' mask? Did it make it harder to get in to the scene? Looked like it malted too, bits of wolf hair in unusual places!

That wolf mask was a pain in the ass! and the wolf gloves too! We had to keep stopping so the guy could breathe because it was soooo hot that day and the mask had no air holes… and the hair literally just fell off it… i was covered like a hairy beast by the end. was a fun scene though :)


She knew what was in store for her the moment she entered that hotel room… She succumbed to those devious guys… In every unimaginable and immoral way… She was nothing but three holes to stuff for them…  Just like the way she loved to be behaved… It was early in the morning when she returned her sweet home…Sore…But…Happier then ever.

Ohhhh my Woodman casting scene still making the rounds!

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